Beautiful words in English and their meanings

Every language has beautiful words and beautiful meanings that these words have. In English, some words may have different deep meanings. In this article, we have explained to you the meanings of some words in English.

Here are some beautiful words in English and their meanings:

  1. Serendipity – the occurrence of fortunate events by chance.
  2. Mellifluous – pleasant to the ear, flowing with sweetness and grace.
  3. Ethereal – delicate, light, and otherworldly.
  4. Petrichor – the smell of earth after rain.
  5. Halcyon – tranquil, peaceful, and carefree.
  6. Luminous – radiating light, shining brightly, or enlightening.
  7. Euphoria – a feeling of intense happiness or excitement.
  8. Serenity – a state of calmness, tranquility, and peacefulness.
  9. Resplendent – dazzlingly beautiful, splendid and attractive.
  10. Effervescence – bubbling, sparkling and vivacious.

I hope these words add some beauty to your vocabulary!

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