12 Tips for Learning English for Those Who Want to Learn English

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. The importance of knowing English is increasing day by day. Do you want to learn English too? Since you are reading this article, yes you want to learn English. This article was written for you!

Here are 12 tips for learning English for those who want to learn English

1) First of all, decide why you want to learn English: Academic career, plans to settle abroad, a foreign lover… The options are in order. However, the lesson and content for each target also varies.

2) Let the words roll out of your mouth: Don’t say that my tongue doesn’t turn, you can’t do it… There are so many letters that we have already swallowed and pretend they don’t exist… Since we haven’t pronounced the last letters, it’s best to roll them away. Eventually, people will somehow put the pieces together in their heads and understand what you mean.

3) Live with a British or American family: One of the easiest ways to learn English like a mother tongue is to stay with a native English-speaking family. The most important factor that you should pay attention to is age. Because being under the age of 18 will enable you to take the step that will save your life. No, you’re making your age smaller. 🙂

4) Don’t get hung up on grammar: Grammar is only 30 percent of it. Agreed, a solid knowledge of grammar is important. But be yourself, do not struggle with grammar. Forget the theory part. Language learning takes place just like children learn their mother tongue, by hearing, reading, being exposed, and trying to use it with courage.

5) Go to places like Sultanahmet and Grand Bazaar where tourists often come: If you live in metropolitan cities, you can evaluate this alternative. You will have the opportunity to meet more people and improve your English quickly. Another version of this is to work as part-time sales consultants in the same neighborhoods. While you improve your language, you also earn money.

6) Do not be afraid to speak: People are afraid to speak when learning a new thing due to mistakes to be made. However, every mistake we make allows us to learn new things. Speak without fear and make lots of mistakes…

7) Exposure to English: One of the most effective ways to learn a foreign language is to go to different countries and live there for a period. If you have the opportunity, don’t stop and get on the road. You will not only learn English, but also experience the culture of the place.

8) Do not interrupt language learning: Language is like a living being, just like people. After all, it is the main tool of communication… Therefore, look for ways to improve language learning by adding new things every day without interruption.

9) Use social media: Following profiles such as humor, news, and sports, which we browse at least once a day, that change according to our interests, will bring the language you are learning into your life along with social media.

10) Try to think in English: One of the biggest mistakes made while learning a foreign language is to think in Turkish and then translate it into the language in question. We lose a lot of time in that thinking, too. Instead, it is best to get rid of our mother tongue and think according to the language transferred.

11) Translate your favorite songs: Perhaps one of the most enjoyable aspects of this job… Write the lyrics along with the name of the song from any music channel. Although you have to constantly look at the dictionary for a song you listen to for the first time, after a while, the words will be in your mind along with the melody of the song. In this way, both the phrases will stay in your mind and you will enjoy them.

12) Watch foreign TV series/movies with subtitles: Even if you watch eight seasons of a TV series and don’t understand anything, you will be familiar with it. It’s worth watching.

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